The week has yet to begin and it is too long already. Maybe it is because I will be leaving for my vacation on Thursday that is making it seem longer. I will not be missing the short days and long nights for a few weeks as the temperatures drop and winter starts to rear it cold head. Not that I dont like winter it is just that the cold makes getting up in the morning a lot harder. It also makes working out a lot more taxing. The workouts will be the only thing that I will be missing while on vacation.

I have found that I like this Crossfit workout and the people that it brings to the gym. While most places just sign you up, spend some time with you to find out what you want, they mostly forget about you unless you forget to pay the monthly fee. I have found the difference with Crossfit, the people care more about what you bring to that day’s workout. Everyone, from the trainers, coaches and other Crossfitters wheter at your location or somewhere else, want you to succeed so you can achieve your goals and will be there to coach, cheer, motivate, stimulate and challenge you to go to the next level of your ability. Along the way you will get to your goal, mine was to lose some weight, get off the medications, get a little stronger and feel better about myself.

So what have I achieved, all of those and more, 50 lbs lost in one year, no medications, able to lift more than last year (300 lb Deadlift, 180 lb Back Squat, 130 lb Front Squat, 110 lb Press, the list goes on), 5 inches off the waist, no more double chin or pudgy face, people telling me I look great and now heading to Phuket to sit on beach where I will not feel like I am the fat North American.

I have two more workouts left before I leave and I see from Facebook that some more boxes for Box Jumps have been built, that leads me to believe that there will be some Box Jumps coming up.

Hmmm…, maybe I wont feel bad about missing the workouts after all… box jumps, burpees vs tanning, elephant safari, Hero WODs vs Thai cooking, it is a tough decison but someone has to do it.