At this time next week my wife and I should be over the Pacific around 3 -4 hours out of Tokyo. The second leg on our flight to our vacation destination of Phuket. The weather has been holding steady around 32C and should warm up to 35C in the next 7 days, there have been some thunderstorms as it is the end of the monsoon season and like everywhere else Mother Nature has its own schedule. Both of us being Crossfitters we use their philosophy of prepare for the unexpected, so a little water never hurt anyone, however a lot of water has certainly fallen in Thailand  and that has done some damage.

I feel pretty good today after taking a good look at what I was doing for my workouts. My ego was getting in the way of me making some progress mentally. It is not always good to be the last one finishing even though I have 10-25 years on most the people at our Crossfit box and was trying to do the same workouts as them. While I may have been improving, it was hardly noticeable as I was comparing myself to them and not measuring my performance. The last two days have been uplifting mentally. I have finished the workouts in a competitive time while still giving myself a challenge. This helps with confidence, confidence breeds success which  brings more confidence, the cycle repeats and this leads to improved performance.

I was very intrigued by comment from Bennetnoir about going to a Muay Thai club to do some workouts or a bit of training. I thought after reading that why not can’t get any worse butt-kicking than what I am doing now. Bennetnoir’s blog looks interesting so here is the link,

Lastly we had a small power outage in my area that affected a number of people who live on the north side of the Saint John River, me being one of them. I was very happy with the renovations that I have completed as the house stayed quite comfortable and now with power back on I can post this.