Less than week to go and we will be on the first leg of the vacation to Phuket Thailand. The temperature today is 32C and here we are waking up to -2C temperatures. I think I will be enjoying that.

I need to focus on other things because if I don’t the week will seem long. Todays workout was a good one for me and that is uplifting as I have been a bit down with how I have been performing lately. Today was a nice change. Personally, I was not much of a runner as I did not see the need of it. Most animals can outrun you, so it would not be any use in the wild and if are scared or frightened you can usually go pretty fast on adrenaline for a short burst, these are some of the reasons why I never really did any large amounts of running in the past.

In the workout a 400M run was included in between the Kettlebell swings and that worked out to 7 trips. In most cases that would only be 2.8kms. At our Crossfit box we have no track and we run around the block as we are in the middle of town. The block is actually 434M as I have been informed by our resident stats professor and that works out to 3.038kms of running. As a background to this, when I started I barely made it through five 100M runs and here I am running 3 kms, not bad.

Looks like I will be practicing some running on the beach. I will also be taking my rope(skipping) and will need to do something or I will die on my first workout back.

We shall see what the next few days bring as it will be a short week with volunteer time on Friday.