The first day after the challenge is almost over. The Facebook comments from the group are very amusing. People immediately hitting the “sauce” or sugar, I think a few glasses of wine were in some people’s list for the night, some were even torturing themselves by having cake or Oreos in the house and not doing anything but think about them. I do not have a big sweet tooth, however I do like to make desserts and things. This is good as I have no problem with sugary sweets and every now and again I will crave something, chocolate, pastry, ice cream or whatever but I usually have those once or twice a year. I still have Ice cream in the freezer from before the challenge as well as wine and liquor. Not much of a drinker any more and use the alcohol for cooking and now that the challenge is over I can use it again.

Thank goodness curry does have alcohol in it.

I have also dropped 10 pounds during this challenge and will take pics tomorrow and post. With that a minor goal was achieved and that was to get closer to 205 lbs. I am now within 12 of the ultimate goal of 195 and that may require another challenge to kick-start the weight loss. The weight loss is good as my vacation is now one week away . The temperature in Phuket Thailand is 28C and will get up to 34C during the next week. I am loving it, sorry Mickie D, and the beach is looking good.

If I can find an internet cafe I will post from Phuket.

The postings will probably start to diminish as the week progresses.

Until then, keep mobilizing.