Today is the last day of the challenge at our Crossfit Box and our team, Lift Heavy, has been getting our collective butts kicked by Team Go Faster. If we were cavemen, our team would have starved or been taken over by the other tribe and used as slave labour.

Well someone had to lose and unless they come in with some big cheats over the weekend and tonight we don’t stand a chance. I wonder what the winning team receives other than bragging rights. It was in good fun and it helped a lot of the new people get acquainted with the Paleo Diet in a team environment. In the end all the participants are the winners as everyone managed to reduce the amount of preservatives and other things that should not be in food out of their diets.

The next challenge I have is to make sure we don’t miss the flight to Thailand in 10 days. Sunday was an awakening of sorts that winter can happen at any time. Luckily we only had some minor power outages that lasted for 10-15 minutes but I am sure other parts had more. I do know that it has been a while since I had to scrape the windshield off as the snow was packed on the car, the trunk was a bitch to open as it was frozen shut.

Tomorrow is going to be a sugar rush day as people have been dropping off Halloween treats at my desk all day, telling me to save them for tomorrow. Insulin levels after 30 days of natural sugar will just skyrocket, may need an epi pen to get through the day.

Will let you know how I fare.

Until then, keep loose and stretch.