With Halloween coming up and all the treats and food that will be doled out, it will be difficult to resist any of the “leftovers” that will be around. Thankfully it will be only for that night and then I can cash in on those. The one thing that I will be doing is a making an apple flan on Tuesday night. I have made a few for people so far this month and have a list of items that people have already ordered, from Christmas Cakes (real ones), cookies and various flans. They will have to wait until after the vacation and that might even more interesting as Bangkok is flooding, there are reports of snakes and crocodiles swimming in the flooded streets, people have left the city however when you have 10 million people in one city it would have to be monumental to be noticeable.

I think it would be an interesting time, one of those moments where by accident and timing you are at one country’s event that has not happened in over half a century. Now that is mind-blowing, still dangerous, but very cool.

The workouts this week have been very demanding and my body is feeling every days’ workout. The Thursday massage helped, but I was so dead from the workout that I don’t remember how it felt until after a few hours. It was not good. Getting up today was a challenge in itself and I had not expected to be that sore. I must have pushed myself very hard and todays was not much better. Am I nuts? Who does this to themselves on a regular basis? If I had a mirror I could at least point at someone.

I am only 2 pounds from my first number and 12 pounds away from my ultimate goal of 195.

Keeping the faith on this one as people who have known me for a while, have said I am wasting away. They may be right as I have lost 20% of my body weight since starting Crossfit 11 months ago. Dropping 50lbs overall and 10lbs this month can have that effect on people. I have the next three days to drop 2 pounds and I will have reached my goal of 205 for this challenge.

Keeping my fingers crossed on this.