Only four days to go including Friday and the Paleo Diet Challenge is over. I have been looking forward to that since Monday. I have already got my meals for the day planned. I will be making some Rye bread on the weekend and I have some homemade crabapple and plum jelly and almond butter ready to go. My own version of a PB and J sandwich, lunch will be the usual since Tuesday is a workday however for dinner I have not decided if I want a Pizza or go out and eat. Funny thing is, that will be it for the gorging as I am making an apple flan for dessert and will indulge in a scoop of ice cream.

With the way the workouts have been lately I have all of a sudden started to drop the pounds again. A nice change after a period of stagnation. I may get to the number I feel I should be at which is 195 before the end of the November. I never knew that losing 10 pounds would make that much of a difference. Today I had a number of people tell me that I must be oing something right because it looks I lost a ton. Makes me feel good but only a few pounds to go, then I need to watch the diet as it will be a little more stricter in the training. I have already been called out for “no reps” on a few movements.

Everyone at the gym knows my goal and they are all very supportive. My own gut feeling is that I am not quite there but I am a  helluva lot closer than last year. There are a few things that need lots of work and some that just need better technique but overall I am doing okay. This March will let me know how I stand in the world as I need to make top 20 to qualify and the competition gets harder every year and then the Atlantic Hopper in July (maybe… if I dont qualify for the games).