Today is actually Day 24 of the challenge. Yesterday I posted that it was Day 24 when it was actually 23. See lack of grains and some starches are affecting my counting. I would be told from other people, that counting is a problem for me when I run out of fingers and toes.

Maybe I should have used that as an excuse to miss this day as the workout was a GOAT day. That means that you pick stuff from your skills that need to be worked on such as overhead squats, pull ups, push ups, box jumps, power cleans, whatever it is you now do a 15 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible). Basically it is a self-torture workout. You pick the movements and how many you wish to do.  I chose 5 Overhead Squats, 10 Walking Lunges and 15 Leg Raises. Now you cannot complain as you were the one who picked it, no trainer, no coach, and no one to blame except yourself.

People do stupid things and crossfitters do “different” stupid things like this for fun. If it looks interesting for working out, a crossfitter will try to measure it for time. Man, do we ever love what we do.

Today I am on a strange roll and I was wondering this as my wife said to me one day as a man was “adjusting himself”.

What is it with men and always moving “that thing” around.  I noticed that while this may happen, what is it with women always adjusting bras and tops all the time, when they stand up, while they are sitting, when they are walking, they are almost always fixing their blouse, pulling on the side, etc.  Dont they fit properly?

We have 6 days left in this challenge and it will be very interesting to see what team wins.  Right now I am winning my own personal battle as I under 210 lbs FINALLY.

And lastly I have two weeks to go before leaving for Phuket, Thailand. I will be doing some workouts on the beach as I am taking my skipping rope and my WOD book to get some ideas, can’t be all fun and games even though that is fun.