As I was looking at our Boxes (Gym) site for the Workout posting yesterday, I noticed some additional information at the bottom ” We will begin to add an extra little WOD to be done after regular WOD for those who are interested in competing in the CrossFit Games coming up early next year.”

Guess what I will be doing now for the upcoming months, that’s right two WODS per day, when posted. I think our box is going to be a little more focused for the 2012 Games. Last year most only entered to see how they measured up and I think a few felt that they did measure up well. I know how I felt after seeing my first Games WOD in Moncton, excited. On the drive home I said I need to do this because I think I can compete with these people.

Sadly, it has been a longer road than I thought, must be the construction lol, but I am better for it. The construction has been good for me as I have dropped 45lbs, have improved my running (it could not have been worse), strength and agility. It is still 5 months away and I have just managed to do an overhead squat, there is still double unders, pull-ups and muscles ups that are on my agenda . These basic Crossfit movements are an issue and if not fixed, it will be 2013 for me. I do not want to wait till then.

I am going to have to figure out something. This is going to be a crazy four months.