What a nice start to the weekend as a group of us had a work related event that a bunch of top earners for the quarter were taken out for an overnight stay, dinner, movie, live show and drinks. My day started fantastically as I get on unexpected email from a customer for a new opportunity worth some change. Then after leaving watched a good movie “Moneyball” it has some good points that everyone should take a close look at, especially in todays poor economic times.

After that it was off to the hotel and what do I see when I pull in to the parking lot in the back, but the Crossfit box for the city actually attached to the hotel. How convenient, I thought I would have to just use the facilities of the hotel which in most cases do not have the space or the tools needed to get a good workout. I did bring my skipping rope just in case. Did a nice little workout.

Now for the challenging part. Dinner was at a pub and this worried me as I figured I may have to cheat to eat. Luckily they had a nice steak dinner with asparagus with a blue cheese sauce that I asked them to not put on and add some extra tomatoes instead of potatoes or fries plus some black coffee, water and I was okay for this part.

I managed to make it through the night with some groans from the fellow workers about who would know if no one was around and explained that is what the honour system is about. If you cheat on this, then what else would you cheat on? One could always come up with an excuse but again cheating on this is like cheating on a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or anything else. If no one else knows is it cheating. Someone said it is like the saying “If a tree falls in the forest” and the answer is, yes, I would know. To verify what I ate I took pics of my food and posted it on Facebook so they would know I did not cheat.

I did get a compliment though as in the morning when we went to eat breakfast I ordered steak and eggs, same price as the regular breakfast, with a side of tomatoes and three others ordered the same thing, saying maybe they should start eating better and said I make them feel bad that they do not take better care of themselves, in a good way. They may think the workouts are crazy but admire that I have stuck with it and have become healthier and better looking.

After breakfast we went to the farmers market and wandered around and I took some pictures of the wonderful fresh produce and goods that some of the vendors have. Now if I only was not on this diet…

Fresh Veggies








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Fresh Cooked Lobsters - they were alive 15 minutes ago










Various Locally Made Cheeses