It is Day 19 and as we go along in the Paleo Challenge it seems as though it is getting easier to make it through the day. No sudden cravings or urges to smack people at work who bring in all the bad food (Mickie D, Timmy’s, Subway, Thai Hut, etc). Today we did our usual monthly birthday celebration as we had two people have birthday’s this month. So it chocolate cake and carrot cake(for the healthy people) me, I had no trouble passing on this. Not even a small urge. Small successes. Tomorrow I will be going to Fredericton for a company outing, with dinner, show, overnight stay and breakfast, this will be a challenge to the diet. Hope they have lots of bacon!!

Still feeling the glow of successful OHS. I am going to see what I can do with them as I felt really good and the 50lbs did not seem to bother me doing the squat. Just need to remember to keep doing the mobility work.

Will post a great recipe with pics on Sunday – my first attempt on this recipe came out beautiful, problem was I forgot to take a picture and there was no leftovers so I could not get even something for lunch this week. This time it will be for lunch during the week at work

Monday I think I will do some PRs, dont know which ones but need to get some points for the team.