Pizza day at work for United Way, what a time to do this challenge. With Thanksgiving and the amount of fundraisers around it is amazing that none of the people on this challenge don’t maim or injure someone. But that was a small bump today as I managed to finally complete a real Overhead Squat, not one of those I can dip my ass look at me squats, but a real drop your butt almost to the ground and stay there for a few seconds and then get up overhead squat.

While it may have been only 50 lbs, for me it was like euphoria, pure bliss, like Snoopy in the Peanuts cartoon with his beagle nose in the air and legs off the ground that type of joy. It took around two weeks of mobilization of the shoulders and ankles to finally put myself in that position of having confidence to do this. I know I can lift the weight but squatting was the problem. I will continue the mobility program but now have to start on double unders. Doing double unders will drop some of the times I have on the wallboard for some benchmark WODs. Just on yesterdays WOD I probably would have dropped 5-10 minutes. Then after that I can work on something else.

Who knows I may be ready in time for March – confidence level in getting back up there.