Yesterday was brutal for the workout, we cut the WOD in half while still doing the 5 rounds but only a 400M run, 15 KB swings and 15 pull-ups and it still took me 28:13 to complete. Then today a downward ladder of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of squat cleans and 35 double unders after each set of SC’s. My legs feel like crap. Everyone else must have felt the same as not many comments on Monday.

Sunday was a success for the dinner. The pork loin roast wrapped with bacon and stuffed with ground pork, mushrooms and apples did not last the night. Everyone had seconds and I only had one night of veggie leftovers, so sad. I will have to make this one again and take pics as it come out looking great as well, almost like a cook book photo and it tasted better than a photo too.

I will be so glad when this challenge is over, I am getting tired of eggs and bacon for brekky as that is the only time I have trouble. Lunchtime and dinner I have no issue with as everything is usually prepped and ready. Oh well remember the goal for me is to drop some weight and get to the number I think I should be at, which is 195-200.

Till tomorrow – keep your back straight, knees out and over your toes and don’t forget to squeeze someone’s butt