A great day today as all the cooking for the week went fairly smoothly. Only bad thing was that there were no leftovers from the dinner we had with some friends at our place. So sad… everyone had seconds and that was a first for Joyce, who rarely has second helpings. I was looking forward to the leftovers this week.

The bad point to this weekend was when I looked at tomorrow’s workout. What is MJ thinking? He is going to kill me with the 5 x 800M runs, along with the 30 pull-ups and KB swings, I may as well just inform my manager to expect me late on Tuesday, might take me an hour to have a shower in the morning. This one will take off any second helping I had today. Good thing we have MP’s cane in the car as there might be a fight for it after the workout. I wonder how many people will be showing up for this one?

The name of this workout is “EVA” and from the looks of it, it should be called EVIL. This one may move to the top of the list of “The Girls” that I do not like at Crossfit.