It seems like only a few days ago that we started this Paleo Diet Challenge yet we have almost reached the halfway mark. Yesterday with the weather we had, connectivity was sporadic at best so I decided to not post anything.

After looking at the tally sheet it seems like the Team Go Faster has a solid hold on the lead over Team Lift Heavy, my team. The strange thing is last time we did this one team jumped out to an early lead however they ended up losing in the end. At this point in the challenge that is what I am holding on to. Go Faster (the rabbit) will lose to Lift Heavy (the tortoise) at the end because they think they have big lead, Aesop better not fail me this time.

Side notes:

I suck at pull ups – there has to be a way to do better progressions – this is going to kill me worse than OHS’s on any of the WOD’s we do with a pull up involved.

OverHead Squats: the more I work on the shoulder mobility the easier it is to get lower, next step is the ankle mobility. When I master the part of staying upright in a squat, I should have less or little trouble doing them.