Today we had a call out challenge. Instead of just one person from each side going against each other we had three from each team, 300 Paleo Bucks up for grabs. The workout was a sprint challenge – 5 rounds of 3 thrusters, 6 box jumps (24/20), 9 KB swings (55/35) with one minute rest between rounds – the thrusters we could scale to whatever we were comfortable with within reason. I decided to myself that I would use whatever Jeff, my competitor, used for the workout. Although he is 25 years or so younger I felt pretty good I could match up fairly evenly.

I did not win, as I lost by 44 seconds (his 7:42 vs my 8:26) and I figured I lost it on the thrusters, not one of my best movements as I have not developed the speed yet. I am still working on some technique with these as I tend not to have good “thrust” through the heels on any squat event. I can do it but not at fast pace. Maybe I will start practicing these things with lighter weight to develop speed, just a thought.

It would have been good to win for the team, but I feel good inside that I went for it at the same weights and lost. If I had scaled it down to a comfortable level would I have won? Who knows but I would feel really bad if I lost. On a modification of an old saying, It is better to have tried and lost then to scale down and lose.

On the pick me up scale, I figured I probably saved the team a ton of Paleo Bucks over the Thanksgiving weekend as I did not stray from the diet. My wife and myself have our nearest family member 1600 kms away so we did not make turkey/stuffing/potatoes/gravy/pie/ice cream/cheese/etc. so no visitors and no visiting, it was Paleo all the way. However when Nov 1st comes I am having a PB&J sandwich and milk for breakfast and a pizza for dinner.