Its day 10 and we are one third the way through this challenge. Today’s workout was basically a strength day called the Crossfit Total. A combo of weighted movements, Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift for a total combined weight. You get three attempts to set a max rep, the idea is to get a new Personal Record.

I set new PRs on all lifts for which I am very happy with. I was kind of worried a bit as I have been really missing some items on this diet, ie Sugar, breads and diary. While I feel okay, having almost everyone around me at work and even at home having these things can be frustrating at times. So far I have not gotten grouchy or frustrated at them and the people at work think I am either crazy for attempting this or they think it is amazing that I could stop cold turkey. I found the more people I told, the easier it is for all of them to watch to make sure I do not cheat. It is like I am a torch bearer of sorts as they they have seen the transformation of my body and want to keep me on track. Some have attempted to do the workouts at the gym and understand what I and the rest of the people at the gym go through to get in better shape.

This a small thank you to those people at work who are looking after me whether obviously or not, making sure I stay the course. They admire my dedication to fitness and if I could get other managing themselves better, maybe I have accomplished something by leading them silently to consider what they can do.