The first week is finished of the challenge at the gym. Have not seen the scores as yet but should be interesting during week two when evryone hands in their food log as Thanksgiving is a tough time to do Paleo challenge. All the stuffing, gravy, alcohol, potatoes and desserts at family get togethers are tough to refuse especially from moms who feel hurt or rejected because you did not take the stuff she make just for you.

It’s easy for me as the closest family we both have is 1500 kilometers away and the next is 4500. No guilt trips here, a nice phone call and say hi to everyone and I’m all done. I can always make a turkey with stuffing after the end of the month and this challenge is perfect timing as it is helping me lose some weight for the trip to Phuket in mid November. Need to look good in a bathing suit cant have too much belly fat showing.

On a side note, I was looking at some pics from a friend and gym colleague who is now in Korea teaching. I realized how much both my wife and myself miss her enthusiasm and cheerfulness at the gym. After looking at her pics, I noticed she ahs dropped some wieght, her face looks sharper now and she has a whole new look about her. I think she is enjoying herself, good for her.

As we finish this Thanksgib=ving Sunday I am thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened in the last year. My wife has new hips that work great and provide no pain when she is wake. We have been to France twice since then and are preparing to go to Thailand. I am thankful for Sherri getting me to go to Crossfit and to everyone at the gym for their encouragement. I am just thankful period for all my family and friends.