Living out where there is no good internet connection is really frustrating when you want to post something that you had in mind. Yesterday, actually for almost two days our house was cut off from the world as we had no connection with our satellite internet provider. Almost had to find a radio to feel like the world was out there, no problems as there are always books.

Yesterday was a bitch of a day as the WOD was a sneaky little one that took its toll on my shoulders, back and lats. Thank goodness it was massage Thursdays, but be careful of these, as sometimes they are not a relaxing as they seem. She found more spots this time as both the left and right sides of my back were tighter than normal. She actually almost made me jump off the table when she found one on my left side.

Once finished, I was literally starving and needed something better then nuked veggies and a couple of eggs, this hunger had steak written all over it. Went right to the store and got a nice T-Bone and once home I immediately turned on the BBQ and got that puppy smoking hot. I must say it did satisfy me once it was cooked to a rare finish with some lovely seasoning added. Would have loved to have some BBQ or Sweet Chili sauce with it, however it would have cost the team some paleo bucks, but it sure did taste good.

I have found a pretty good recipe for next week involving pork tenderloin, apples, spinach, mushrooms and almonds.

I have had no breakdowns so far and most people at work think I am either crazy, very determined, someone to be admired (actually someone said that) or have a screw loose(most people) with this diet since it involves no dairy, legumes(beans), any outside sugar including honey and maple syrup, alcohol, or grains of any type or form (breads, cereals).

If progress continues at present rate I will have more people at work asking me how I lost the additional weight. Thye wont like the answer as most do not exercise and that is the key.

This weekend we are going to the apple orchard up the road and get some fresh Honey Crisp apples, pears and squash.