Another perfectly good night in town with rain pouring down just when we start a workout. It was not looking good for when the time came for completing the 400M run part of it.

Luckily it slowed and almost stopped by the time I went out the door. This one challenged all parts of the body, I dont think one muscle group was missed. Let’s see, rowing, pull ups, kettelbell swings, overhead squats/front squats, burpees plus a run and then do the reverse finishing with the row, nice…

On the diet part, I have not, as yet, missed sugar. I managed to avoid the grocery store wandering as my wife wanted to get some “comfort” food, i.e. melba taost, cheese and cream cheese. I stayed at the front of the store so that I would not go down any of the aisles and have an attack of some sort. It is only day three and the body and mind still can be “bought” if they see items that interest the stomach. Once I get past the initial stages I will be fine. If I can do it with smoking, drugs, and drink, stop cold turkey that is, I can surely manage to get sugar and grains under control.

Day 4 coming up….