Well the teams have been chosen and the rules set for the Paleo Challenge.

It will be interesting to see the changes in everyone including myself. I have decided to be strict about the intake of sugar, so no honey, maple syrup or any other sweetener, this will be the hard part. I can manage no grains or dairy better than no sugar.

I will miss getting a drink of milk every now and then or having a nice sandwich but that is the purpose of this challange, to see how your body will fare with basic caveman foods i.e. meat, veggies, fruits and nuts. Yes, it will be modified to 21st century requirements as we have more food availabe so you have to watch the intake of nuts(fats) and change the way you cook meals a bit (no butter).

At least I can modify most recipes as I can cook, bake and understand how to prepare food. So making jerky to get through the tough times, making amendments to dessert treats and those things will make at least my life easier than most.

Todays food items were eggs, bacon, tangerines, clementines, strwaberries, raspberries, chicken curry and roasted veggies(eggplant, brusssel sprouts, onions and broccoli), tea black and 2 expressos.

Here are my stats I took yesterday using the following site


Weight – 217.6 lbs

Body fat % – 29.5

BMI – 30.3

Apparently I am 38.9 pounds overweight and have to reduce my intake to under 1900 calories per day.

Well this ought to be interesting…