It has been quite a while since the last post.  I would like to say that there has been a reason, but sadly there is none other than being lazy. Well enough of that,  yes I know it is quite a task to write something most days. For the life of me I don’t know how people who write a daily column do it, however it their job/career and they can spend all their time on it.

Today is the start of another Paleo challenge at the gym and hopefully this one will have better involvement at the end between the winning and losing teams. Apparently we are going strictly paleo (sounds like the movie Strictly Ballroom) and that means no dairy, honey, maple syrup, processed meats, flour, legumes, any grains, alcohol.

This will be an interesting challenge as Marie-Paul will not be part of it. She said no point to join if she will lose points for adding honey to her tea at night and during the day as this would not be fair to the team she might have been on. I, on the other hand need to do this to get rid of the last bits of excess “baggage” I have. I want to get to a number of 195-200 for an ideal weight and presently I am holding in the 215-220 range even though initially after joining Crossfit I lost 40lbs in six months.

We are also within 6 months of qualifying for the Crossfit Games and I am sadly lacking in some skills that would stand a better chance if I was a bit lighter. I still need to do some mobility stuff for shoulders but that is another subject.

Well for what it is worth I have taken pics for the before Paleo Diet Challenge #2 and will take the same shots when we end this.

Paleo Diet Challenge #2 Front View

RIght Side View

Back view

Left side view

Lets see what happens. This may get ugly quick.