The Saint John Dragon Boat Festival was a huge success not only for St Joseph’s Hospital but also for the inaugural entry of the Crossfit Saint John Firebreathers team. The foundation raised more than $240,000 with the goal being $223,000 for SLT laser for ophthalmology and  a Radiolucent Operating Table for Spinal surgery the additional money will go to other units in the hospital.

Crossfit Saint John Firebreathers

The race was lots of fun and our team won its first heat, The Kent Challenge, with a time of 56.28 seconds. Not bad considering it was only our second time in a Dragon Boat. We were pretty consistent on our times and were in the top 4 all day meaning we raced against the teams that either have raced before, have their own boat to practice all summer and are a club team. I would say we could hold our heads up on this effort. We are a competitive bunch at Crossfit and we enjoy beating the clock however we do not appreciate losing as that means that we did not do something correct. While we congratulate the winners and the boats who beat us it is in our make up to find out what we did wrong and fix it. It did not help matters that a person from the winning boat decided to go to our Gym’s comment section and basically state that we got beat by a bunch of senior citizen’s who can paddle, not row, as a team and said see you next year.

Team Xerox - my workplace entry this year

I can tell you I did not like and I am sure most of the people at the gym and already thinking of ways to get on the water to practice, this person must not understand our mentality as that is like putting a red flag in front of a bull guess they want to retire early.

Next year we will have enough people to put two boats in the race and I expect with some practice we will be first and second as we were only a few seconds off the pace of the “senior citizens” with no experience. I think it will be time for them to start collecting their pension checks.  Pissed off fit people are not the best ones to get upset as we are harder to kill and generally more useful.

“Trample the injured and hurdle the dead”

That being said I had a small issue with a hamstring that came about during the week. I could feel it tightening since Monday and that night took some precautionary measures to prevent a major problem with training. I was suggested a few things to loosen it up and will have to make sure that I do that on a regular basis. I know from my days doing sport that forgetting a warmup because you think it has healed is when it will pop up worse than before. Gradual increase to get back to my norm is all I can do at this time. Smarter workouts are better than none at all.

The celebratory jello shooter

Tomorrow will be an interesting day for the injury as it is an overhead squat day. If you have been reading this blog you will know that I have a bad case of frustration with this move and that it is the one movement that makes me want to throw things. I will be taking Blood Pressure pills after this day  or will have to take up bonsai tree pruning to find a way to calm down.

Stay tuned…