Our first Dragon Boat practice was held yesterday and I must tell you it was a blast.

We had a full team show up and that made for a great practice. Everyone now knows their place in the boat and we did not drown or beat up any of the competitors… yet. They told us we would not be invited back next year if we did that, hey we are Paleo people and that means caveman mentality. We just want to win nobody said anything about how to win, as long as we do not tip the boat or lose anyone they would be happy. All kidding aside I think we did pretty good for our first crack at it.

We do know one thing, we will be one of the fittest teams out there. So if we have to race all day we could do it and probably ask how our times were so that we can see if we can beat it. Speaking of which, our time I figured was around the one minute mark give or take a second as the person who was wearing the watch had to start the clock early and late due to his paddling and when he checked the time it was 1:04 – given the few secs for early clock start and not looking at the clock until he caught his breath, a minute seems like a good estimate.

I think our team needs to get it own dragon boat for having fun. As I said earlier it was a blast, we had around a 30 minute good workout, not bad for us Crossfitters and we could have done more but we had to relinquish the boat to the next team for practice.

Saturday will be so much fun and if you are in the Saint John/Rothesay area come, have fun and enjoy the show.