Monday will be our first practice in the Dragon Boat. As a new team, it will be very interesting to see how a group of well fit people can work as a team. Our team will probably be the fittest group out there, but if we cannot work as a team we may as well be the least fit.

I have already checked the times from last year and it seems that one team has a consistent performance of around 53 seconds. Now if there is one thing that we Crossfitters like to see, it is a time posted, as that gets everyone pumped for something to shoot for. Our advantage is that we do this type of training which is, high intensity for short periods of time, resting and doing it over again and again. The only thing that will slow us down will be learning a new movement, such as the stroke in a Dragon Boat however we are quick learners and should be pretty good when the time comes.

I know this is a fund raising event for a great cause, but we are all competitive by nature and I have heard that some teams practice all summer for this. It’s all about the bragging rights and the team that has done the 53 seconds has won the race for the last three years. Time for a little butt kicking I’d say.

Now if the weather will co-operate and be nice and sunny it will be a fun time for all.