Some random thoughts I had:

Have you ever wanted to just walk up to the workplace suckass and just dump a hot coffee on their head.

People complain about the most useless things.

How did that person ever get that job?

Why do birds and animals not have to have a passport to cross borders. Are they that special?

Black cats running across in front of me have never brought me luck, maybe they are lucky that I did not drive over them with my car.

In New Brunswick people go to yard sales to get stuff to sell at their yard sale.

My cats need to understand when the weekend is and not to jump on the bed at 6am just so they can be petted.

I can’t believe I just completed a double under.

If I won the lottery would I still be who I am or would I be looked at like an ass because I have money.

At least with money I can be called eccentric instead of the crazy old man.

Why is it that women who wear tight fitting clothes are the ones who should not be wearing it.

People who dont travel should not comment about foriegn countries.

How can you not like something if you have not tried it?