Another few days off from writing to gather ones wits about them. Well I am back and completely frustrated with the Overhead Squat. I need to get some of this shit off my chest. This movement gets me totally upset for a few hours after a workout. It is not due to the fact that I am extremely sore from it, nor the fact that squatting just bothers me period. I can live with all that. I would love to feel sore from doing an overhead squat with some weight on a bar, even the just the bar would make me as giddy as a child who found the best secret ever.

I do not know what it is about the OHS that gets me so pissed. Lets break down some facts.

1) I can squat

2) I can lift weight over my head

3) I can do a front squat with weight

But for some fucking reason I freeze on the first movement down with weight over my head. See I am getting pissed again just thinking about it. This is a standard and staple movement in Crossfit and if I do not master this movement I may as well pack it up and not even think about EVER going to qualify for any Crossfit games.

Yes, I have trouble with pull ups but that is a strength thing and I will have them mastered of this I am confident. I do not have the same confidence in the OHS and I do not know how to practice it other than taking time to do it. I do know one thing and that is once I get it I will have no problem starting to increase weight.

Here is my question to any readers of this blog.

How did you progress to getting an OHS completed? I know that some people are naturally gifted with strength and balance and do OHS with only minor set backs but if you are like me, how did you start to improve?

I am looking for help and suggestions.