I have been working hard at understanding the blog. Unfortunately it is not my blog as my wife has some issues with patience (none) and sitting down to understand how to manuever around in her site. That job would be delegated to me her local tech support and knowledge base, at least that is what I have been told. That leaves me with little time to write my own, hence the drop in postings. I knew I should not have told her about doing this.

The wall I have hit is the preverbial wall in writing something, otherwise known as writers block. While trying to help my wife with hers I have lost track of my own blog and consequently have lost some streams of thought for posts, not that I have many thoughts so losing some of them is akin to having a hole in your pocket, valuable things drop through and the useless stuff stays in.

The other wall I hit today was the workout wall. I had no zip, jump or whatever else you want to call it. It felt as though I was just there for the motion and nothign else. Managed to do some lifts and get close to some PR’s but did not have any effort. I think the last three workouts did a nice number on me. My arms are still sore from The Bear Complex and Mondays 5 rounds for time of 3 muscle ups, 6 handstand pushups and 9 pistols. Then on Wednsday I challenged my wife to a competition on a workout called Room Service. It sounds simple at 5 push ups, 5 air squats, and 5 sit ups however it is for 20 rounds. That means 100 push ups, 100 air squats and 100 sit ups by the time it is over. We are both feeling it today and I was the dumb one and went in to the gym last night.

Oh well , for nothing to write this has turned out rather long winded.

Maybe next time I should do some random thoughts as I have been told I have many.