Alas a few days since the last post. I have missed putting up some comments for you to read. This time the excuse is valid as opposed to laziness as the Crossfit Games 2011 has been on the internet. I wish they would have had a better method for viewing as streaming is not exactly the best.

I did learn some stuff while watching the Men’s heats and finals. There are some things I will be experimenting with in the next few days as I recover from a minor mishap. Oh yea, I forgot about that.

Can you say stupid? I can and did. Rather than provide the long-winded version with details that only an insurance investigator would find captivating here is the 30 second ad version. Played soccer baseball, if you don’t know what it is check the internet, slid trying to catch the ball, rolled my big toe under foot, ouch!! continued playing and then did a nasty workout of 3 rounds of 30 single arm Kettlebell squats (15 each arm), 30 burpees and an 800M run. Toe did not like that and went all kinds of nasty colours and still did it in 43 minutes. See pic.

Bottom line, some ligament damage and am not allowed to do some movements for 2-3 weeks.

Back to the 2011 Games. As I said I noticed some things from the men that I will try to see if it will improve performance. Additionally the Masters Men did not impress me whenever I watched them. To me they seemed slow and lacking in fundamentals. All of them seemed to muscle things around, no form or technique. They were all good when they had to lift anything or use weights but the basic movements made them look slow and I hate to say it old.

As I looked at a video of me from the Atlantic Hopper that is what the Masters Division looked like. My god, the rowing took them forever to go 500M (almost 2 mins) and the 20″ burpee box jumps were step ups. I do 24″ box jumps regularly now. One WOD I did 100 burpee box jumps (yeah lots of fun) and have no problems doing a 500M row faster than them. As for using weights I would rather do them correctly than ego my way to a preventable injury like I did with my foot. See I am learning.

I am so glad that I am being coached all the time by our trainers to keep your fundamentals and form sound then everything with weight will follow. No point doing something wrong just because you have enough power to do it. I wrote in our gym’s comment section that doing the Atlantic Hopper gave me confidence in myself. I had no expectations except that I wanted to finish whatever they threw at us that day. I did not care if I was last (I was), as long as I did everything correctly I would not let all the people at the gym down especially the trainers/coaches who get me threw all the WOD’s.

I will be going over all the videos of all the events and who knows maybe I can see more ways to improve performance.