What is it with people?

Today was a good example of what I do not like.  I am not sure if there were any reasons but usually we have between 6-8 people at the late shift. Today was not a nice workout and surprise, surprise, surprise a number of people who usually show up at the evening WOD’s did not. I saw one person’s comment from the late shift went to the nooner. I hope I am wrong and they have forgotten or are too sore like me to post any comments.

Earlier I was at our company second half kick off – another way to rally the troops to get the shareholders more money. A lot of fun was invloved and a game of soccer baseball was played. I almost took out one of my co workers on a pop fly, however I managed to wreck my big toe and it is now being iced down. I am sure it will be a nice purple and lavender colour by the morning. I could have then called it a night and gone home, however the post yesterday was about overcoming pain and fear, so I sucked it up and completed the workout. I was not pretty but I completed it in a stunning 43:10 (LOL)

Enough of the griping. Spartans dont gripe. They just move on.

This weekend I will be watching the Crossfit Games to see how the athletes do things. These are elite athletes and they make normal humans pale in comparison. Some are animals and some a just plain super fit. Dont be fooled by their age, size or sex.

I will now take my sore toe and knees to bed and think about the lovely pain these people will be going through and how I can get some.