Tuesday was a total disaster on my rowing. I had a complete leg meltdown and almost a meltdown of myself. I just could not push my legs at all. It was difficult to get them to push off to start the next rowing motion after I hit the 300M mark. Saturday and then Monday’s workouts have literally done a number on them. They are screaming for two things and they are opposite in everyway.

They want to do something to get loose and at the same time they are screaming for rest. Today was a reality day, I have finally understood that to go to the next step I will have to go places I have not been to in a while. It will involve a lot of uncomfortable times with my muscle groups, but I said I wanted to go to the Games and no one got to that level by being talented. They needed to go over that ledge, they needed to reach a little further each time. 

I could not do that Tuesday with my row. I failed! I did not die or pass out, so I failed in pushing myself beyond the pain threshold because I was scared, yes I said it, I was scared. It has been such a long time since I went to that place I have forgotten what was required. I have said it before on other posts, I need to suck it up and either do it or become satisfied with what I am doing. If I want to do what I know I can do I will just have to do it, end of story.

As Yoda said to Luke, “DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY”