They have posted the events for the Crossfit Games Masters Division. I have never been so excited to see pain being posted on a website. LMAO. When the Games WOD’s were posted I printed them all out, I feel like a pre teen putting posters on the wall of my favourite rock band, lately that would be Muse, NIN, Gorillaz and Radiohead. But I am getting off topic.

I have these sitting beside me at work to remind me of what was done in the past. It gives me something to focus on for the next year. Now I have the Games WOD’s. It’s like getting an autograph from your favourite star. I can see what they expect for my age group. The best thing is that I am not that far off. Yes I need to work on things but who doesn’t, this gives me the expectations that CFHQ has for fitness at my age. It is up to me to exceed those, not anyone else.

No one will push you more than you. If you wanted to get the new car, you saved for it. You want the girl, you had to get the nerve to ask her out. You want to go to the Games, GET BETTER!! I read that some regions were upset that the same facility was sending it’s members to the Games, the answer is simple, JUST BEAT THEM.  Crossfitters should not whine and complain, save that for other gyms. You get the WOD and do it to the best you can do. If you want to work on form and technique, then dont worry about time or weight. If you want to have speed then lighten the weight up and do it right and come back better next time.

CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR or you will pay the piper somewhere down the road.

Need to get ready for tonight – yeah rowing, overhead lunges, dips and K2E