It is the beginning of the week after the Hopper Event in Moncton. How do you measure success? That was one of my earlier posts and now the perspective has changed.

I have survived, did not have a heart attack, did not puke, did not pass out or any other crazy thing. I knew I would survive that would be silly to think otherwise. The biggest concern for me was would I be able to finish what I started. Would I be able to complete all the movements in the amount of time allotted? Would I fail to do it?

I had no illusions that I would be up there near the top. I figured that I would be near the bottom, but of what? I entered and a lot of people did not. Some were helping out, understandable and for any good event, it is necessary. For a second year event it was done quite well. Things went smoothly, events were judged fairly and the athletes enjoyed themselves.

My thing was to do it and let the chips or bodies fall where they may (at least no burpees). I now know what I can drive myself to do when needed and I need to do that more often.

Today was a great example of that. I could have backed off todays workout and no one would have said anything or thought twice about it, but I did not. I needed to go through my personal hell with sore legs, yes they will recover, and find a way to deal with the pain that is inactive muscle groups. I have only myself to blame for the poor shape I am in and this is my penance to redeem myself. My wife would say I am getting to religious at this point. I have not been good at doing squats and today was hang squat snatches and wall balls, nothing like another bunch of squats. Well I sucked it up and worked at concentrating during the Burgener warmup and was able to do 21 messy but completed squat snatches. I fought through them as now I know that the pain is temporary. My balance needs work but I did them.

So, to all that watched the Hopper I would like thank you immensely. I am sure all the participants would want to say the same. To all the participants I want to say you did fantastic and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I also want to thank all the volunteers, judges, vendors and the young man who ran beside me during my last 200M and encouraging me every step. I still can’t believe that crowds at Crossfit events, no one leaves the area, they watch everyone until they complete the heat or time runs out. Even the crowds don’t give up, so why should you or I. If they believe you can maybe you should listen to them every now and them.