Well my last workout before the Hopper. Nothing like a nice shoulder workout to get some kinks out.

Tabata handstands went better than the previous attempt, which left me with a shoulder and wrist issue for that night. Tonight I went through them fairly well. I guess it helps when only the shirt falls in your face instead of the jelly rolls of my extended family (stomach) and believe me when I say extended. I had to save the belts I had tossed in the yard sale bin that I figured I would never have to wear again as they are now the ones that fit.

I can see a shopping binge coming on, but that will happen after the November trip to Phuket, except for a new bathing suit.

Todays fun of 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of sumo deadlift high pulls and burpees was a fine way to get me back in shape. I managed not to look to bad for the first 3 rounds and then it was downhill faster than an Austrian at the Hannenkahm in Kitzbeuhel. I could have been a stand-in for Rocky in any movie as I hit the ground 84 times and came back for more. What movie number are we in now? I lost track when Sly was older than George Foreman and still in the ring, I can hear my wife saying” Dont just lie there and bleed” thanks Adrian.

Well my friends I will be taking it easy tomorrow and then on the Hopper on Saturday. I will let you know how it goes