What a nice little workout – JOKING – 10 rounds of a 200 meter run and 10 pull ups or ring rows. I am not a fan of running, yes I know that I should do more cardio work as it helps in the calorie burn, but why does it seem so lonely. Now I understand the book/movie “The loneliness of the long distance runner”. The only time I see anyone is the first steps of the run and then all I see is their backsides. On top of that, the place where we run the first part is uphill so I am dead by the fourth round. Actually I must admit I am getting better as I would have done only 5 rounds of this when I started, now I can finish those rounds and do not bad.

To make matters worse we had two young visitors from Arizona come in for a workout as they are crossfitters that are up here travelling. One was 17, the other 16 and could they move. by the time I had finished the first 200M they were on the second round. To have the youth factor – almost made me want to trip them when they went by, but I was too tired and had to concentrate on one foot in front of the other.

It was nice to see visitors from other locations as they bring a different mentality and give everyone a boost as no one wants to look bad when guests come over.

Well I need to rest as this did a fine number on me and I have the event coming up this weekend.