Things have not gone as good as I had hoped, for raising funds for our Dragon Boat event. Yes it is supposed to be fun and all that, but I would have thought the people who go to the gym would have been more enthused. I dont think I ws asking too much of people to do a small part to help raise funds. We still have another month before the event and we can get some more things going, I just want more people to help out.

Today was a nice little power workout, 5 rounds of 15 power cleans and 30 GHD situps or abmat situps. By the time I finshed this one my legs ached and I had a tough time getting my feet under me for around 2-3 minutes. This is one of those, it does not look that bad until you start it workouts. By the time the third round came I was bagged, but as usual you do not die and once you realize that, you can push yourself to complete it. As usual my wife and myself are starving by the time we get home, luckily we had some Spicy Cashew Curry leftover and a nice slice of homemade lavender and lemon pound cake for dessert.

Food always cheers me up