Well I dont know what to write today. I have been going great guns getting food ready for the next next week or so for dinners (lunch) and suppers that I have not had many thoughts in my head.

I have a friendly competition that is coming up on Saturday with people from other Crossfit locations in the Atlantic region that I will be prepping for during the regular workouts this week. Anytime I entered a competition previously, I lost focus on normal things and started to think about what I had to do, how I would feel and how I would mentally approach what was thrown at me. I have not been in a competition in a long time and I wonder how I will approach this one.

I have a feeling though I will be close to being the oldest competitor at this event. So I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It should be interesting. All I hope for is, the weather to be hot.  That is something I am used to and it might give me a small advatange over some of the other people.

Stay tuned for more…