Another year has passed – ho-hum. I got the same old, same old – cake, cards, phone calls from the family with all the wishes that you normally expect.

While I  may have just turned 54 – this is the start of my 55th year and I have finally found something that has kept my attention longer than Homer Simpson can keep a thought.

My freedom 55 is now. I feel the best I have in long while, I have started to get in shape and yes, I know pear is a shape but I have more focus on things I do. People who have not seen me in while have noticed a change asking how much weight I have lost and the small talk that used to get me through the day is now directed about what I have done to get in shape. I don’t care what anyone says, we all love to be complimented and when people give you a once over, it is more in admiration of what I have done with myself. I have lost over 40 pounds in 7 months without having to do any crash diets, dropped around 4-6 inches around my waist, I had to dig out the old belts I was getting ready to put in a yard sale, get new holes in the belts I have and it looks like I will have to wait for new clothes as most of the ones I have don’t fit properly as they look like I got hand me downs from my big brother and have to grow into them.


In another year I should be just where I want to be, 190-195 pounds, with a 36-37 inch waist and more leaner with muscle instead of just lost weight. I hate to say it but people who go to regular gyms only to pay a personal trainer big bucks so that they can tell them that they have to do a few more reps of this or that, then do some cardio are just wasting their money.

It is shame that people who go to these places for more than 6 months and have not dropped any clothes sizes or weight and that they keep going are either fooling themselves, eating wrong, getting wrong coaching, not doing the exercises properly or any combination of them.

I spend around 20-30 minutes max doing highly intense workouts 90% of the time. Basically a get in get out type of workout, if you can get up off the floor after some of them.

I challenge anyone to go to a Crossfit location their city, for 3 times a week for 6 weeks and a do a simple workout called Fran. If you do not improve your time in those six weeks and see a change in yourself, then you are probably cutting some corners.

Six weeks “do ya feel lucky, well do ya?”