What an eventful last 48 hours. Between the monsoon type rain, the wife putting her foot through the vent opening in the floor, a perfect fit I might add, then having glorious sunshine and then the workout on my birthday I had some excitement instead of the usual cake and tea. If I would have gotten the usual I would have been looking for the elderberry wine and my wife could say it was malaria.

I digress, today I sort of got a mulligan on what is customary for someone’s birthday, tire flips one for each year, at our gym. The workout was a tough one on the legs with running, push presses and box jumps, not to mention that the warmup included doing handstands for 20 seconds and then resting for 10 seconds and doing that for 8 rounds. If I had to a do 54 tire flips I would have been there for a bit.

I was able to get the reprieve till my new mobility day, Wednesday. It looks like I have found some new things to add to my goat day practice. Additonally I am glad that my wife is going to crossfit as the foot in the hole incident would have been much worse, we both believe, if she was not going as she was able to hold herself upright before extracing her foot. Only minor scrapes and a slightly swollen knee.

I changed the look of the blog as I was not able to do some of the things I wanted to do on the last theme.  This one allows me more “editorial control” in how I list my catagories and pages. I have finally figured out a few more ways around the blog making posting easier and more fun.

Just for the record I did tonight’s workout as prescribed, you dont know how satisfying that is until you do it.