It has been a while since I posted anything. I have been helping the better half with her blog which is detailing her road to recovery from double hip surgery and a revision on one side due to an infection. After just over year from the first surgery she is now at the gym with me doing some modified workouts, but she is doing them.

I have  been slowly improving on form. I do have some issues with some movements, i.e., overhead squats, pullups and double unders. These can be worked on but I have not done a concentrated attack on them. That will have to happen at some point or the Games will not be in the works as those are basic movements. This past Friday the 17th saw me literally reach my boiling point as I was exasperated with my lack of progress on the Overhead Squat. I wanted to slam the bar bell through the ground or throw it I was so mad. It literally took me until Saturday afternoon to calm down.

The gym is entering a team in the local Dragon Boat event that one of the hospitals has for a fundraiser. This year they are looking to get new eye equipment. I have reserved my spot on the team and will be one of the 20 paddlers. I have a personal goal of beating the local Xerox team and Mike the gym’s owner want to beat the Police team. We already have a cool tee and will be doing some fundraising for this. It looks like a fun time and I look forward to it.