Well after a long break due to illness and lack of energy to do anything other than what was necessary to get through the days. I am starting to feel better. The bug that I have is weakening I hope, as I feel like I can breathe again. Friday’s workout seemed to be the last gasp of the infernal little cretin as I managed to do things around the house this weekend and not feel like a train hit me.

While I am not 100% I am much better and todays workout showed it. I was not sounding like a bad athsmatic and other than just being tired from the effort I felt pretty good.

I even have enough energy to write this blog. Hopefully this will be last bug of the season until the winter. Right now with the weather up here being wet and cool one never knows. Just keep your fingers crossed it will get warmer before the end of June.

Progress is getting better with some lifting forms getting much better with repetition. Now I need to work on some speed when I do these. I have the technique close to non thinking when I do it, so speed will determine the weak points as that will be where the breakdown will happen. I have been increasing the weights on lifts that we go back to every now and then. Checking my WOD book helps, so keep a good diary of your workout will help in deteremining what to do for your next step or  if you should move on up.

I will see how I feel tomorrow before I can measure if I have a relapse of Mister Virus