It is now June and the Paleo Challenge at the gym is over. Apparently from what I have read a number of people did some indulging, not huge, but some on June 1st. It was good fun and some people actually lost some weight, inches and improved their performance which was the ultimate goal I believe. The final scores have not been tallied as of this posting, however the last official scores had the men in front of the ladies. Good work to all involved. If Mike is reading this post please do the PR Day once a month or so. We have to do one or two lifts that is on the board and a WOD that was not done recently and go for a new PR.

The title of the todays post tells you how I am feeling. Dont know where I got this bug, but it sure came on fast. Tuesday okay, Wednesday a little tickle in the throat and a bit of a runny nose and BAM!! Thursday I feel like crap. I have come to many conclusions while blowing my nose and spitting out crap, there is no flowery way to say that, and one of them is OXYGEN is important.

It is simply amazing what you think of when lying down in a heap trying to gather enough O2 to move to the washroom. Here are some interesting thoughts.

1) O2 is good for your muscles – not enough of it and you cannot move shit

2) Bending over to pick things up off the floor with your nose stuffed up is not good. My head felt like it would explode when I did that and it seems that mucous flows downhill. so your head gets more stuffed up.

3) Moving quicker than slug is a bitch. I feel sorry for parents now when they are sick and the kids are running around like crazy. I think that is why Canadians invented duct tape and velcro. Use at your own discretion.

4) All food tastes like crap or more realistically it has no taste whatsoever. Nothing tastes like chicken because that would be an improvement to the cardboard taste everything now has since I am sick.

5) Robitussin and Buckleys are the only things I can taste.

6) Muscles are sore. I found that when you dont get enough O2 muscles dont recover well, not even with SKINS, I only did the clean complex last night and for some reason it feels like I must have run a marathon, knees, elbows, shoulders, back and chest are aching like mad.

7) Curling up in the fetal position on a bed provides minor relief, providing your cats dont run all over you thinking you make a good hill to climb.

8) Rest is good. I took today off from work and I am glad I did. I have no focus and can get quite grumpy with people who ask silly questions. When I am well, I can look them in the eye without laughing and provide a simple answer to their query. They will then go away.

9) How can the nose and sinus cavity make so much mucous? At some point it must run out. I will have used a box of kleenex per day at the rate I am going. When will the mucous stop and brains start being blown out my nose.

I am sure there are many more points to make, but I dont care. Add them to the comments section.

I am going to curl up now.