Less than week to go on the paleo challenge and Thursday is the penultimate time we hand in our food logs. As for the team challenge on Wednesdays both the men and women won twice. The women have kicked the mens butt in the individual call outs. I think they won all of them, not by much but they still won.

I have been working my butt off during this challenge so I can feel like I am contributing and being a burden to other members of the team who may have to work harder during some challenges as I cannot overcome some of my own goats during them. I still have problems with double unders, pullups, overhead squats and probably some other skill however I have improved this month in box jumps, push ups, KB swings, squats and deadlifts. I would say my running has improved as I now can do more than one 400M run in a week or day. Additionally during this month I have done a few WOD’s as prescribed, managed to lose a bit of weight (8lbs with time still left in the challenge) and that is a nice accomplishment. It is nice to see and document your progress in a log or a blog.

As for the games goal, I printed off the Games WOD’s so that as the 2012 Games get closer I have some benchmarks to practice against. It also gives me an idea as to what they look for in qualifying and what areas I need to improve and there are many if not all. With the printouts I also know what the scaling is for the Masters Mens group and I am not doing the regular Mens WODs.

The other goat I have right now is getting to know how to do this blog and the things I cna place on it. I need to go through the tutorial to understand as I want to place categories on the site and right now I do not have the time to read or listen through the WordPress tutorial.

I will have enough time with four days off for the Memorial Day weekend.