Seems like I can only find time to do a few posts a week. I think it is the challenge at the gym that is behind this. Really it is the lack of time in a day that is the problem. All the little things add up and you find that you have only enough time to eat, relax and go to bed. It is a rare event if I find more than 1 hour to do any posts, whether it is on our gym site, banking, blog or removing the countless spam emails that fill up my inbox.

The week has at least been good, finally got some people to make decisions at work on what they want and buy something. Now to move on the next company that needs equipment. I also managed to do Crossfit Games WOD 11.2 as Rx’d, in fact I did the Men’s version instead of the Masters WOD. managed 5 rounds + 5 DL for a score of 185. Not bad as I could have done 20″ box jumps or step ups and used 145lb for DL in the Masters 55+ category. Additionally I managed a “Diane” WOD and a Ladder Down complete with 200M runs, a Goat Day and a Three Frans during last week and managed to get my Wendler program in as well.

I missed the start of the week as it was a holiday with a noon WOD and I had to work. Today though, made up for it in a large way. A marathon of a workout with 6 runs of 400M with 26 each of Hand Release Push Ups, 55lb KB swings, GHD sit ups, 65lb Good Mornings, Double Unders (still can only manage singles) and finally 24″ Box Jumps. I managed to get under 30 minutes at 29:42 for this and that was a minor but nice victory. Three months ago or even two I would not have thought of completing a WOD as Rx’d, now I have three and did a Games WOD to boot.

While it is a minor accomplishment in the scheme of things, I have bigger goals, it is an accomplishment that I am happy with. I have come a long way since the end of November 2010. I am learning to enjoy these improvements as I get older, before I would have expected to do athletics of any sort and be fairly good at it and if I was not good, I would be dissappointed that I somehow failed. As you get older and know or think you know your limits, it sure feels good to say, what the hell I can do that and improve it the next day if you want to. The best part is that I am doing the same workouts that the guys half my age are doing and I have  benchmark to measure my progress. I am getting closer to them each day and that will only help me beat the people in my age group at the games.

So what is todays take away for me – enjoy your accomplishments however small and remember not all people are lucky enough to enjoy any.