It seems like forever since the last post and I missed doing the nightly post of the days events, however other life things arise and the hours in the day do not increase no matter how hard we try to manage time.

The week has been a blur. The wife had a scare with a small setback with the infection, however with a small IV boost of antibiotics she is fighting it herself to our great relief. She also got permission from the Doc to start up at Crossfit again. She is looking forward to starting up again as she felt pretty good when she was doing it. With the issues she has had with three hip surgeries and an infection plus the fact the she has managed to walk without a walker or cane in less than 5 months after the last surgery makes my aches seem so minor in comparison, it is pointless to discuss them. Just get on with it, do the workout and shut up, at least my aches will go away with a little rest.

Have I mentioned deadlifts before? I think not.

Just from the last posting until today, I have completed 50 deadlifts @ 190 lbs, 45 deadlifts @ 180 lbs and today 50 deadlifts @155 lbs. I feel pretty good considering that when I started doing deadlifts I always had a sore back from poor form. Today only the knees are sore but not that much, just typical older soreness. I need to warm up better the new warmup is not doing it for me. I miss our older one as it was like a mini-workout in itself and we managed to practice skills that are helpful in doing our WOD.

I am quite satisfied with myself as I completed a whole bunch of Box Jumps this week. The reason, I can now do a 24″ box jump when last week was the first time I did a 20″ box jump and this week I did 60 BJ’s @ 20″ on the Goat Day and today I did 75 BJ’s @ 24″ for the  WOD. I am starting to see progress on some skills and it make me very happy. Additionally there is nothing better than getting compliments from people at work and around town who know me about how good I look. It helps to make the drive to succeed that much easier.

This month has seen me accomplish many things and I am not sure if it is the diet, the constant work, the competition or just me being stubborn or it could be a combination of all of them, I don’t know and truthfully don’t care as each success brings me closer to what I have set for myself. Today I did a CF Games WOD. I did not do the Masters division version I did the open division version and managed to do 5 rounds plus 5  of 9 DL’s (155), 12 pushups (hand release) and 15 box jumps (24″). Considering Nick said he did 6+ something on his makes me feel pretty good.

Small successes… I wonder what I would have completed with the Masters Games WOD hmmm….