Thursdays during the Paleo Challenge are becoming very interesting. It is the day after the Team Challenge WOD and also everyone has to hand in their food logs to check that they have been eating according to the rules. Last week I think was the feeling out of all the people involved as there was lots of milling around and cheerful WOD stories being passed around among the morning (the sunshines) crew and the night (the zombies) crew. That is not what we call the groups I just decided that it would be more interesting if each group had a cool name.

Lets set the drama for the day.

Today Erika came in to hand in her food book and decided to stay for the WOD.  She did pretty good as I have not seen her do a WOD before. She is a sunshiner. Sherri, a zombie, was there as usual. She was watching Erika while she was doing some Double Unders for a warm-up. Sherri has been doing these double unders now for a few weeks trying to perfect them and she set a new PR of 19 I believe. All the while watching Erika who has said that she wants to beat Sherri’s numbers on the board.  after Erika finished the WOD she decided to set a PR on the deadlift for the girl’s team. Don’t you know she easily lifted for a new PR 210, then 220, she then decided she wanted to go for Sherri’s 240 mark and bam, she does it then Mike says to go for it and she does a 245 lift and we have a new Women’s deadlift number. Meanwhile Sherri was watching this whole thing go down.  While she was impressed I know Sherri and she was not going to let this go by without a shot she is too much of a competitor.

After Sherri completed the WOD she was putting away some of the weights and I could see it in her demeanor she was going to give a 250 deadlift a pull. This after doing the Rx’d weight for 10 deadlifts (165lbs) and 50 double unders for five rounds. Scary Sherri was on a mission to reclaim her crown, the queen was not going down without a fight. after a quick lift with 225lb she decides she is warmed up and starts adding the plates to get to 250. All this time we have 5 new people in the gym doing their fundamentals probably thinking what have we got ourselves in for. A few minutes of checking the bar to make sure everything adds up properly, Sherri reclaims the Women’s DL title.

Who says women have too much estrogen as the testosterone was flowing tonight.

As for me, I did better than before as I added 10 more pounds (190) to my deadlift for the five rounds and still only can manage single unders. They will come in time and then like Sherri, I will be able to produce them on a regular basis. I am getting better as time goes by but like everyone else I am not satisfied unless you do it at the prescribed weights and then improve on those numbers.

Tomorrow I will more than likely be adding another name to the list of girls I do not like.