A second challenge Wednesday and this time the ladies came out in force. A nasty little lady of Angie came for a visit and kicked our butts, 100 each of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and squats for time. For me this was the first time I have attempted Angie darling. She is one nasty little bitch. The ladies won the challenge and in essence won the right to gloat over the men. They also won the brownies I made, however in our gym there are no losers and only winners because we do the challenge just for ourselves. Yes it is good to say one group is better than the other for a day, but we will get back to business the next day. I gave all the competitors some brownies and will have to bring in some more for the early morning and lunch crew.

Those 100 Pull-ups to start tell you right away how you will finish. It took me over 14 minutes to get them done, yes I made a little time up on the push-ups and sit-ups and was close to even on the squats for an overall time of 31:49. I used the #3 band for the pull-ups. I need to improve these and the squats in order to make my goal. These are two of the most used movements and I cannot do the pull-ups without modifying them in some way. I know I will get better and once they are done without the use of a band for assistance they will fall into place. The issue I am having is that I see no progress, at least I think that it is so, and this has gotten into my head a bit. I keep saying I need to practice, however I think I may have hit my first little plateau. Time to do a re-assessment and find out what assistance exercises I need to do to improve.

The good news out of all this, is that I am now under 220 lbs for weight and have stayed there since last week. I am even down from 37% BF to 32%BF so one cannot complain about everything. I have even managed to on one day to get to 216 lbs and hopefully will be down to under 210 lbs and 30%BF by the end of the challenge. I think after this challenge I am going to see if I can complete the level one fitness standards.  That would be a good place to start as it is something that can be measured for progress on a constant basis as you may achieve some numbers that are at the level two standard.