It has been five days since the last post and it feels like forever. It has been great week for me as I completed two WODs as prescribed (Rx’d) and one of them is not what you would call the best one to lose your virginity on. Fight gone bad or FGB is five minutes of mind numbing and I mean mind numbing agony. Five stations of one minute of completely different movements for as many reps or calories as you can get. Wall Balls, Sumo Dead Lift High Pulls, Box Jump, Push Press and Rowing and a one minute rest before doing it all over again. I felt so good that I did the 20″ box jumps as jumps not step ups that I did not care that I got a PR on this by 26 reps. I did the WOD as Rx’d that’s what I am proud of, now I have set a mark to aim for and beat. Goal one accomplished and that was to do WOD as Rx’d before the end of spring.

Then to add to the list I did the Friday WOD as Rx’d as well. It was the first time I used the 50lb KB, JC those things are heavy after a while. Who would have thought that air squats could be so demanding and med ball burpees!! whats up with that, burpees are bad enough on their own without having to jump up with a 16lb med ball. The only good part other than me doing the WOD as Rx’d was that it was Friday and I do not go in on the weekend. Two days of semi rest.

Saturday and Sunday were spent doing some renos and cooking. I forgot to prepare some meat last week so I scrambled for food like a caveman foraging, I guess I must have wanted to know what it felt like hunting and gathering in the fridge all week for something to make other than prepared veggies. Thank goodness I can cook and for a stove and a BBQ as I have not mastered the rubbing of two sticks together for fire.

I am now set for the week as there is 4 types of Paleo Ice cream/Sorbet in the freezer, toasted coconut, raspberry, mango/pineapple and blueberry/banana. Additionally we made a slow cooked ham, brownies for the Wednesday Challenge, some more veggies, guacamole and a tomato/mushroom/bacon sauce for some spaghetti squash. Yes this will be a good week