The title of this blog may make you go hmmm, however tonight was an interesting road deviation toward my goal of reaching the 2012 Games. The powers that be decided to incorporate a new warmup before we start our normal wendler or workout.

It started out rather tame with ankle circles, then knees, shoulders, hips and neck. Then it was hands to touch your feet while keeping legs straight, etc., etc. While this does not seem like much, it is good for loosening up old tendons like mine. Then the more, how can you say without a smile on your face, interesting part started. a thing called fence steps, squat walking and a sumo-like walk and ending with a Junkyard Dog – if someone came off the street while we were doing this they would have wondered where they were. I think I saw this stuff on Romper Room when I was kid. I even got an unexpected butt slap from Colleen who must have thought the workout was something different.

All joking aside, it was a great warmup, everyone was warmed up and had a good sweat on for the short but fast WOD. Even though my arms were killing me by the fifth round, I still managed to get through each round under the time limit. The warmup did it’s job in that you were ready to do the workout with a body that had the engine warmed up and that makes the workout a little easier.

I did say the road would be interesting and full of surprises along the way. When I drove to Florida or Las Vegas there were many strange and interesting moments along the way. The roads I took brought me to many places that I would never have normally seen like the town of Jericho in New Mexico on the side of a hill, the Navajo person who was selling turquoise necklaces and earrings along interstate 40, the best Garlic Shrimp I have ever tasted was in Harligen Texas or the largest plate of Crawdads in the town of Welcome.

This road I am on has already brought me to new places where I have met new friends, experienced new ideas and found out a little more about myself.

Isn’t it always about the journey and not the destination that matters. It is always good to know where you are going but no one said you have to follow the same road as everyone else.