What a frustrating workout. I am not pleased with what I did today. It was the dreaded overhead squats and burpees together, what lovely combination.

While the night started out pretty good with my shoulder press Wendler strength training. I received some helpful tips from Greg on hand and elbow positioning for making the movement easier and efficient. The weight seemed to move easier from the shoulder starting positon upward. It still required me to push up but when the weight gets moving the small amount of momentum helps.

I have seen some good improvement in that the warmups to the last set before the AMRAP feel much easier.

But then the WOD of AHS and burpees was next and that is where I “failed” in what I wanted to do. I wanted to do the OHS with an empty bar (40lbs) but could not get the balance right or feel confident enough to squat all the way down. Piss off number one. So I scaled to trying to hold a 35lb weight overhead, did three before I fell on my ass, no balance and had trouble holding the weight over my head. Piss off number two. Scaled down to using a wooden bar so that I can at least do the OHS movement, by the time I got to this point I had wasted 3-4 minutes and I have not got to the burpees. Piss off number three and because I am not one to scream at the world, I was starting to get awful close to that point. If the weights were not so damn hard I would have kicked them or beat them with a stick. That is how I get frustration out, forget screaming, but I would not be allowed to do that.

I mentioned on another post that this motion is going to be the one that separates the top from the rest. I am still of that opinion and I will have to learn, train, practice and do it till I get it. It is going to be long year but when I do get it I will have the biggest thighs and shoulders that I have ever had, just from practicing this move.

I still managed the WOD in 12:33 with all screwing around, but I need to get used to having the weight overhead.

I think I may try to do a Wendler OHS program for a 5 day program instead of the four we do. Sounds like a plan.